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Real Estate and Land Use Law

Fulcrum can assist real estate developers in addressing the many complex legal issues facing them in the market today. 

Benefits to Commercial Property Owners

Fulcrum Law often represents commercial property owners with:

  -  Cost-Effective Satisfaction of Certification Requirements

  -  Optional Drafting and Filing of Restrictive Covenants

  -  Work with the Regulated Community and Local Communities to assure proper Implementation of Institutional Controls

  -  Optional Engineered Control Maintenance Services

  -  Procurement and Maintenance of Remediation Funding Sources

  -  Brownfields Database to Supplement Existing On-Line Resources

  -  Potential Tax Benefits to Brownfield Owners & Operators through the use of existing, but rarely used, federal tax incentive mechanisms

  -  Create and Obtain Innovative Insurance Products to assist Stewardship

  -  Comfort in Knowing that the Trust works closely with State Regulators to ensure Consistency with Applicable Regulations and Requirements